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September 11, 2013
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HPA - Makato Inaba by PokemaniacNeo HPA - Makato Inaba by PokemaniacNeo
Consistency, what is that?
The bit in extra is just filler doodles.
Speedrunning is a lot of fun but man when people get good at it, it's insane what they can discover.…

Makato Inaba
Date Of Birth:
18th of February
Speedrunner - Attempts to gain the fastest time in completing a video game. This is achieved by learning and executing various glitches and holes in the games original programming to skip sections and cut scenes. Streams these attempts on a video website on a daily basis - accepts donations for file names and shout-outs whilst on stream. Holds various world records for various different games.
Extra Features:
Has slightly elongated canines.
Makato is, in general, a fairly easy to impress little kid. Modest in his own talents he finds others actions infinitely more impressive than his own, especially considering his key talent is merely playing video games extremely well.
The only time he can be seen getting hyped up is when he streams, especially if he's going at a world record setting pace. He becomes a lot more lively and impulsive, taking more risky 'strats' the better he's doing. In fact, if he's doing poorly it also makes him more likely to take risks out of pure annoyance. That said he doesn't take losing very well either, often having an amusing hissy fit. Given his small stature and high-pitched girly voice amusing is usually right.
That said he is extremely determined and a good thinker, he's always finding ways to solve problems in a faster more efficient way. He rarely takes things or places at face value and always looks to discover new things and tricks that will make life easier.
He tends not to get frightened easily and will often seem rather unaware when staring danger right in the face. He's a bit naive in that sense.
On top of that he isn't very good at interacting socially and sometimes can act a bit insensitive as a result. He's used to his online community and the harshness of the people on there. As such he may offend others without even realising it. That or use worse that the average person wouldn't understand and wonder why said average person isn't laughing at his cleverly conceived joke.
* Video games and breaking them wiiide open - Though he enjoys playing games normally he gets most enjoyment out of completely destroying a game. Not literally of course but by trying to find the most game breaking glitches to do the craziest things in game without cheating.
* Salmon - For some reason he's obsessed with the stuff, a treat his parents would bring home every week from some market in another town.
* Apparel - Clothes, merchandise, bags, anything with whatever he loves on it so he can show said love off.
* The internet - He'd die without access to it for prolonged periods of time... foreboding.
* Dating sims - There's no actual gameplay to them, doesn't see the point. Despite this has been known to have dabbled in some BL games. For the plot he assures you.
* Auto scrollers - Sections in a video game where the screen moves at a set pace. There's no way to improve ones time on these sections thus making the game longer.
* Wasting time - He always has to be doing something, he can't not be doing something. It makes him anxious and on edge.
Additional Information:
* A tad girly in both body and voice - occasionally paints his finger nails.
From a very young age Maka practically lived on the internet. Coming from a fairly out of the way small-time town he was homes-schooled for most of his life which meant there was very little opportunity for him to talk to other kids. Instead he would created friendships online and join various communities based on his interest. His main interest was video games. Whilst looking on various forums he found one dedicated to his favourite game. Naturally he had to look into this further - he noticed the word 'speedrun' pop up a lot. Followed by phrases such as Any%, MST and 100% - all of which had little to no meaning without context. Reading further he discovered the site he had stumbled upon was dedicated to playing his favourite game as fast as possible. Of course, he wasn't bad at video games, he played them all the time when he wasn't on the computer but he was nowhere near this good. Whilst he could take up to 20 hours to complete his long 3D adventure game those on the forum he had found took mere hours to achieve the same feat. Naturally he thought this was fake but after watching video after video he discovered there was an entire new level of play he wasn't aware of.

For years he would lurk on those forums, watching the time it took for the people dedicated to playing the game getting short and shorter. He'd check daily to see if any new tricks had been discovered, even trying some of them himself. He eventually started watching other players play the game live and try to beat the best time. They would sit for hours on end resetting their consoles if they didn't get the perfect start and performing insane glitches that would have taken an obsessive genius to figure out. Maka was hooked - though he tried these glitches and tricks himself he had never thought to try to broadcast them. So one day he did, setting up a streaming account he prepped his webcam to point at his TV screen and started streaming his own 'attempts'.

"Wow, this kid sucks."
"Has he even played this game before?
"This is a blind play through, right?"

Though the comments on occasions hurt, Maka pushed through and continued to run his favourite game. Eventually over time getting good enough to compete with the best of them. Eventually he was encouraged to join the forums he'd spent hours lurking in. He fell into a crowd of well-known speedrunners and began talking with them over various messaging programs. From this he was exposed to various teams that were dedicated to discovering new glitches when any new reports came in. Over time he managed to get good enough to join in, discover glitches of his own and become part of the community.

Approaching age 14 he now had a fairly successful stream set up. This was almost like a job to him - everyday once he'd finished his work he would stream his world record attempts at various games. At first the count was low, just as it had been when he first started with his poor quality webcam but eventually the dozen people who watched turned into hundreds and eventually thousands.

Constantly branching out the games he played and attempted to gain world records in Maka had managed to become proficient in both playing the games he loved and learning the ins and outs of that game. Need to get from point A to point B really fast? Use a bomb of course! Want to warp right into the final boss fight? Well you'll have to play a bottle like an instrument. All these crazy glitches and exploits became common knowledge to him and astounded any newcomers like he had been astounded all those years ago. In fact he now held the record to his favourite game at 19 minutes 14 seconds.

The invitation to the academy came as a bit of a surprise, especially considering he'd stayed at home for the majority of his life. It was because... they'd seen his speedrun attempts? It seemed a bit silly but his mother pressured him into accepting the offer. His only concern was if he'd be able to continue stream his games while away.
RP Example:
Turning on the stream and the webcam Makato cleared his throat, "Hey guys, thanks for coming to watch my stream tonight. I'll be picking up where I left off yesterday with a few more practice runs and then we're heading straight for a new world record!" The stream's chat exploded into a mixture of support and jeering as Maka continued his attempts at the new recently discovered glitch for one of his favourite games. It amused him to no end when a newcomer would log into the streams chat and show their pure amazement at the various tricks he did that were now second nature to him. Purposely dying to activate a glitch that would allow him to raise his character up and over various obstacles while landing on a heart he'd set up just so he could revive himself? Simple. But to someone who hadn't seen the game played that way it was an amazing site. The new glitch in question involved doing various precise actions and jumping forward at the right time to clip through a wall that could skip a large portion of the game. Whether he'd achieve it or not he had no idea but when he did he hoped everyone was watching.
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